Work is a gift.

Work is an opportunity to grow, create, and fulfill our potential.

We believe everyone was born to learn, create, and give. Which is why we work hard to achieve excellence, create beautiful things, and use our gifts to help others.

Work should be fun.

We spend a kajillion hours of our lives at work, so why not enjoy it?

We believe it's not just our job to make things, but to make making things fun, by enjoying our craft and sharing our joy (and a handy pun or two) with others.

Why "Handshake?"

A video is like a handshake. It says a lot about you in a short period of time.

For us, "Handshake" represents making powerful videos that present you and your brand well. "Handshake" also acts as a throwback to the olden days, when business wasn't corporate or impersonal, but was the stuff of friends, laughs, and maybe a couple of drinks. But above all, "Handshake" means trust, relationship, and the beginnings of something great.