What kinds of videos do we make?

From immersive documentaries to epic 3D product videos to cinematic live action films, we handle it all. Check out some of our 'hand-picked' featured projects below!

Tebow NFT Animation | Campus Legends

For this unique NFT asset, we took the idea of a collectible trading card and space-aged it—featuring photorealistic 3D animation of futuristic light beam emitters, composited motion graphics, and cinematic sound design.

"RealSure" | Featured Explainer Animation

To highlight Realogy's new home-buying service in an approachable and personal way, we designed the story and animation around a family, with charming and organic illustrations paired with simple geometric homes to communicate both the humanity and simplicity of the service.

"Secret Ingredient" | Featured Cinematic Product Video

Explaining the real benefits of one of the most revolutionary sports supplements to ever hit shelves, CarnoSyn beta-alanine, this video (in a series of three) features interviews with Darnell Savage, DB for the Green Bay Packers, intercut with bright and clear cinematography illuminating his peak athletic abilities.

"What Matters Most" | Featured Narrative Commercial

This tender story of a mother worried about her health and a daughter looking for her mother's presence communicates the real-world impact of Hologic's newest test: reducing false positives, freeing women from the anxiety of unnecessary biopsies.

"Seed to Cup" | Featured Mini-Documentary

Weaving together 16mm film portraits with digitally captured interview footage of Honduran vistas, this mini-documentary depicts the beautiful history of Honduran family coffee farms, highlighting all of the people involved in bringing a single cup of coffee to market.

"WWII" | Featured Opening Titles

To communicate the tone and chaos of the war, we composited archival footage of WWII combat in a 40s-era set. The finished opening titles, created for Hillsdale College's Online Courses series, captivates audience imaginations with the magnitude and significance of WWII, immediately drawing them in to the historical narrative.

"Spirit of Hope" | Featured Brand Film

Created for Trinity International University's Spirit of Hope initiative, this piece combines flowing cinematography and three personal interwoven narratives with a powerful voiceover, casting a new vision for what it means to be the Church.

"The American Story" | Featured Cinematic Promo Video

Inspiring parallax images of American greatness, nostalgic soundbites, and immersive sound design combine to celebrate American accomplishments made possible by liberty and the Declaration of Independence in this motion design piece for Hillsdale College.

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At the heart of every great video is an epic idea. At Handshake, we invest up front to discover and develop that perfect concept that captures imaginations and fits your brand like a glove.

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There’s nothing better than great execution. That’s why our team of award-winning creatives go beyond secondhand solutions to craft original animations and videos with pixel-perfect detail and intentionality.

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We think work should be fun. So, don’t be surprised if, in between serious emails about scripts, storyboards, or animation tweaks, you receive a GIF, joke, or pun from your friends at Handshake.

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