Welp, let it not be said our lives were boring.

With a global pandemic top of mind and with many businesses closing their spaces for the sake of public health, it’s clear our world has changed drastically in short order.

It’s easy to be disillusioned by the change, by the extreme challenges this poses for businesses and people everywhere—I mean, quarantine? Really?

But in the words of the revered Albert Einstein, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

Despite many of us being isolated, there are still opportunities to help people, to meet their needs, and perhaps to even calm their fears.

Right now, there are a lot of people at home. People who would otherwise be out and about: working and earning money to feed their families, playing and eating out at restaurants or bars, or taking their family on that much needed vacation.

But instead, they’re grounded. It’s like all our parents sent us to our rooms… indefinitely.

How strange.

The fact of the matter is, we all still need things. We all still need work. We all still need a break from the everyday. And perhaps now more than ever, we all still need, as Bob said in What about Bob?, “a vacation from our problems!”

So the question is, how can we reach them?

Well thank God for the Internet. The thing that is keeping us all connected through this crazy time. The thing that, up until now, has been used largely to spar over politics and share cat memes. But now it can be—and should be—for so much more.

For those people looking for work, we can share new online job opportunities. For those people looking for a dinner treat, we can share info about that amazing restaurant that still delivers or does takeout. For those restaurant owners and small businesses, we can buy gift cards online. And for people looking for a stay-cation, we can provide entertainment, joy and diversion.

But most of all, for people looking for peace in these confusing and isolating times, we can be present, reflecting on the fact that all of life is a gift from our Creator meant to be used in service of others. That presence can take many forms: emails, texts, posts, phone calls, pictures, memes, and even videos—whether live streams, ads for your product or service, YouTube videos, or what have you.

Before this crisis, we often talked about how video was magic. Somehow it manages to capture the essence of someone or something in a few moments, capable of communicating it effortlessly to millions of people simultaneously around the globe.

But in the wake of this crisis—or rather in the midst of it—we find ourselves in a place of somber reflection, because now of all times we are about to see whether a craft we love so dearly is up to the challenge, and whether or not people will use its enormous power to spread fear, confusion, anxiety, and worry, or to share love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and joy.

We sincerely hope it is the latter.

This post isn’t about using our services. It’s not even about video, to be honest. It’s about remembering what life is all about: using your gifts to bless the millions around the world who desperately need your help. You were put on this earth for this moment, so clearly someone needs you. People still need your product, your service, your idea, or even just your presence.

So whatever happens, whether or not we ever work on anything together (though we would very much like that), we just ask you to use this time to bless other people.

Bless them with your words, comments, calls, prayers, and perhaps even through the power and magic of video.